Are real wood floors a good financial investment?
Is hardwood safe and healthy for my family to live with?
In what rooms can I install hardwood floor?
What to Measure?
What is prefinished?
How will a solid Hardwood Floor hold up with pets?
What is the relative hardness of my species?
What is Rustic Grade?
Will my old vinyl flooring need to be removed?
How do I care for my new floor?
How can I clean my hardwood floor?
What can damage a wood floor?
Should I expect colour variations throughout my hardwood floor?


Are real wood floors a good financial investment?

Yes, Studies show the majority of American Realtors believe wood flooring is one of the best imvestments a homeowner can make.

Is hardwood safe and healthy for my family to live with?

Wood floors are easy to clean and will not harbor dust mites or mold. Our solvent-free polyurethane finishes are hypo allergenic and perfect in almost any part of your home. Wood floors in your bed-room and other main living areas can improve air quality according to the American Lung Association.

In what rooms can I install hardwood floor?

Any room in the house is okay, except around bathtubs and shower areas. Hardwood flooring throughout your home can add warmth, flow, harmony, and natural beauty. Plus, if you are renovating or redecorating, Prefinished floors can be installed virtually dust-free so as not to disrupt your everyday life.

How To Measure?

Most flooring is sold by the square foot. The square footage is the actual measurement of the area to be covered by flooring. A waste factor of 5% must be added to the amount of square footage of flooring needed to allow for cutting waste.

What is prefinished?

Prefinished refers to when the finish is applied to the floor. A prefinished floor has the final coating applied by the manufacturer. This creates a more consistent looking finish with fewer imperfections than an on-site finished hardwood floor that has to be installed, sanded and then finished. A prefinished floor can also be nailed and walked on almost immediately after installation. This also means there will be no sand particles and the smell of strong chemicals in the air. The wear warranties are also extensive on prefinished hardwood floors.

How will a solid Hardwood Floor hold up with pets?

The finish on our Hardwood floors involve a seven coat process with aluminum oxide added in the polyurethane coating process which helps prevent scratches from active pets. Scratches and abrasions are not avoidable even with the help of hardeners that come with the prefinishing process. Like any floor, hardwood is not impervious to scratches and stains from urine. To prevent stains from these kinds of accidents it is very important to clean the area immediately.

What is Rustic Grade?

Rustic grade refers to the quality of the wood used to make the floor. A Rustic grade product will have more of the woods natural characteristics including, knots and knot holes, colour variances, grain variances, mineral streaks, insect holes or cracks. Please allow a higher waste factor for pieces that you might not want to install on your floor. The pieces with large imperfections can however be installed in closets and underneath beds where appearance will not be an issue. The Rustic flooring, because of the grade will not carry a manufacturers' warranty. This type of floor should not be purchased if you are looking for an immaculate floor. A Rustic Grade Hardwood Floor would be great if you are looking for a natural look throughout your home.

Will my old vinyl flooring need to be removed?

Usually it is not needed. Vinyl flooring over wood subfloors is very effective moisture barrier. Due to the possibility of asbestos exposure, installers may not remove any existing vinyl floors. They will, however, advise you of the best materials and methods to cover your existing floor to prepare it for your hardwood flooring installation.

How do I care for my new floor?

  • Walk-off mats. Keep dirt and water off the floor by placing outside mats in front of oil entrances to your home.

  • Moving large appliances. Always place a ? masonite panel (smooth side down) over the floor before moving heavy objects across any floor.

  • Spills. Wipe up immediately with a damp cloth.

  • Furniture protection. Apply felt pads or minimum 1 "-wide soft vinyl or rubber rollers to the legs of furniture.

  • Area rugs. Recommended in high-wear positions.

How can I clean my hardwood floor?

  • General Maintenance lmmediately blot up spills or spots with a damp cloth.

  • Biweekly-Vacuum or sweep your floor.

  • Monthly-Damp mop floor with hardwood cleaner. Apply the cleaner to a clean, dampened sponge as directed and wipe the surface of your floor. Follow up with a clean, dry terry cloth towel to dry the surface.

What can damage a wood floor?

  • Water-Wet mopping or excessive water causes wood grain to raise and the wood to expand, crack, splinter and possibly, in extreme cases, to discolor or mildew.

  • Oil Soaps-Do not use commercial cleaners made for vinly, ceramic etc. or other waxes/polishes.

  • Ammonia Cleaners-Do not use ammonia cleaners or non-recommended cleaners because they will dull or damage your hardwood floor. Never use window cleaners with amonia.

  • High Heel Shoes-Heels that have lost their protective caps or shoes with any sharp exposed nail or stone will exert up to 8,000 lb per square inch of pressure on a floor. That's enough to damage any type of floor covering.

  • Sunlight-Exposure to the sun and its UV rays can cause wood floors to fade, change color, or experience surface checking, and even cause color changes in its protective polyurethane finish.

To avoid these problems we recommend using draperies or shades to help block out the sun's harmful rays.

Should I expect colour variations throughout my hardwood floor?

Wood is a product of nature therefore there will be no two boards alike. This also means that there could be colour variation between them.

What is the relative hardness of my species?

Wood Species
Relative Hardness Table
(Janka: Higher the number - harder the wood)

Wood Species


Southern Yellow Pine


Black Cherry




Black Walnut


Yellow Birch


Red Oak(Northern)


American Beech




White Oak


Hard Maple








Santos Mohogany


Brazilian Cherry(Jatoba)


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