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Canquest ConstructionsHousing Projects - Canquest Constructions

Life is all about choices - And choosing your dream home is no different!
Housing projects have arrived in a big way. The new millennium has brought in tremendous opportunities, specifically, for the housing industry which has consistently grown over the last few years and is poised to do so in the future too. The next few years would be the years of conception, growth and management of innovative technologies and their applications in housing development. All these will also lead to foundation of well-planned and organized ventures, resulting in a better quality of overall life. As widely understood now, it is not just four walls and roofs which makes a home but it is the way the house is laid out- its aesthetic value, the inputs, the planning, the neighborhood and above all the ambiance. All these factors combine to improve a resident's lifestyle and are an integral part of any good residential development project. Canquest Constructions has arrived with a big leap forward to serve these requirements. ... ...

CCWIS Inc.Canadian Immigration - Canadian Corporate Worldwide Immigration & Services (CCWIS) Inc.

We provide professional immigration advice & consultation to clients from various countries in the world who are drawn to us by our reputation & goodwill generated by many years of professional practice dealing with several clients.

Over the past years, we have brought into Canada several families who have settled and integrated in these great countries and have made worthwhile contribution to many aspects of Canadian lives. We are proud of our clients achievement in which we have played a role in their immigration...

D-Max CanadaD-Max Canada

DMAX is a multi-faceted single-point sourcing Canadian Company established in the year 1999. During initial years DMAX has been exporting specialized building materials to the Middle East, South America and African countries. Due to committed service and competitive rates DMAX became a recognized name in the international market. Our list of clients started increasing day by day. DMAX is proud to be associated with international contractors and mega projects in many countries...

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